Simple & Fast

Accept Payment Anywhere, Anytime

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Simple & Fast

Accept Payment Anywhere, Anytime

Simply enter the card details or scan it through your smartphone’s camera or you can tap any card with PayWave/PayPass logo to back of your NFC enable device and it will automatically fill the card details.

It will take under 30 seconds to charge a card.

Trusted & Secure

Not Store Any Card Detail

It will not save any credit/debit card information on your phone or in the application. All the information will go to Stripe through an encrypted connection and Stripe processes the transaction. Stripe is a certified with the highest level of PCI-compliance.

Cost Effective

No Monthly Cost

There is no monthly fees or hidden charges in it. Only small 1.25% per transaction on top of the regional stripe processing fees.

Take Payment in 135+ Currencies !

About Us

Why FacilePay?

Now, your small business can accept credit/debit card payment even without having a conventional card reader or scanner. All you just need your strip account and your smartphone.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a customer in front of you, who wants to give you money, you are swiping their card to no avail with no way other way to take it. With this app, you don’t need a card reader and it’s as simple as taking a picture or entering the card number!

The credit card information will not be stored on your phone or in your app. All the information will directly go to Stripe through an encrypted connection and Stripe processes the transaction. For the security purpose, Stripe is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). All the payment information is safeguarded on Stripe’s secure server.

Save now with


FacilePay takes a really tiny fee of only 1.25% on every Transactions. There’s no monthly charge, no minimums and absolutely nothing else on top.

1.25% Transaction Fee

*Stripe fee still apply

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