How is FacilePay Making Transactions Easy for Australia based Indian Traditional attires & Accessories Rental Store

Ms. Sunita and Ms. Monica are owners of an Indian fashion rental shop based out of Australia. They are fashion experts who give Indian traditional attires and accessories on rent.

They are in the fashion business for quite some time now. They used to lease out the items and managed all the deals in cash. This process became quite cumbersome and they started using FacilePay to make transactions digital.

How FacilePay is helping Hawaiian food catering services with its transactions.

We at FacilePay are on a mission to understand the customer problems and enhance user experience and this is why we had a small talk with one of our current users- Hawaiian Luau.

Hawaiian Luau is a catering service, as the name suggests, that provides delicious Hawaiian cuisine to its customers. They promise to deliver royal Hawaiian experience at the lowest price possible.

A Success Story of Tony (An Owner of Beach Resort in Thailand)

Mr Tony is the owner of Beach Resort that is based in Thailand. He is running a family run business and appreciates what people want from their holidays island.

Running this resort for the past many years, Tony and his team are dedicated to serving their guests with a complete holiday service. In fact, this resort has a relaxing environment, where the guests can feel like being at home.

How FacilePay App Changes the Way Taxi Driver, Darius Foroux, Accepts Payment from Riders?

For the past 5 years, Darius Foroux is in the taxi industry. He is running a taxi on the streets of New York City, helping people to reach from one destination to another.

Being in the taxi industry for the past 5 years, Darius was facing a problem while getting paid from the riders. As there are many riders, who don’t carry cash in their pockets or wallets,

What is Stripe?

As an online payment processor, Stripe Inc.’s priority is giving you a top quality program for your internet commerce need. Stripe provides:

  • Save time with quick payment processing
  • User-friendly hosted payment page
  • Top level security with PCI-compliant software
  • Tailor your checkout experience with our customization features!
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Gain access to our marketplace and platform building tools
  • Receive coupons
  • Free access to trial versions of multiple related applications and software

Linking your EasyPay for Stripe App and Stripe accounts isn’t difficult. Once you register your Easy Pay for Stripe App account, you can link your Stripe Account and you will have a fantastic mobile app interface that creates a link between your customer and Stripe where they can quickly pay with the credit cards.

What Makes EasyPay for Stripe app better than its competitors?

Other Stripe credit card apps charge users a fee on top of the Stripe fee; Easy Pay for Stripe App doesn’t. Using Easy Pay for Stripe App saves you money while still performing top of the line service for you and your customers.

What Makes Stripe Better Than Its Competitors?

Stripe is for merchants looking for everything from in-app payments, to marketplace transactions, low volume business processing, developers and tech start ups. While Paypal has a similar transaction fee to Stripe, extra Stripe fees are extremely uncommon. Paypal will charge you with many fees.

We know keeping your info safe is a top priority. Stripe goes above and behind to enforce security measures. One of the most important factors in security for a mobile payment application is knowing that no information is being stored on your servers. Stripe can ensure this, whereas Paypal cannot.

PCI-Compliant data portability is another service that Stripe offers and where Paypal falls short. You won’t risk losing any of your customers when dealing with Stripe data migration