A Success Story of Tony (An Owner of Beach Resort in Thailand)

Publish By: FacilePay | Publish On: Mar 14, 2019


Mr Tony is the owner of Beach Resort that is based in Thailand. He is running a family run business and appreciates what people want from their holidays island.

Running this resort for the past many years, Tony and his team are dedicated to serving their guests with a complete holiday service. In fact, this resort has a relaxing environment, where the guests can feel like being at home.

Recently, we found that the Beach Resort team is using FacilePay application for accepting the payment from the customers across the globe. Now, customers, who book rooms and villas with special activities and accommodation, make payment through FacilePay application.

When we discussed with Tony, we asked some of the important questions to him and his team. Here’re those questions that we asked Beach Resort team:

  • What was the earlier process of accepting payment?
  • What was the biggest hurdle while accepting payment from clients across the world?
  • How did you find about FacilePay application?

So, the team answered the questions and letting us know the whole process from start to end. Let’s have a look!

1) What was the earlier process of accepting payment at Beach Resort?

Earlier, we were accepting only cash and debit/credit cards for payments whenever any customer or traveler book a room. But we started observing that a lot of customers were having a problem with cash payments because they did not carry a lot of cash with them.

While the credit/debit card payments were quite expensive with the highest transaction charges or fees on a per transaction and monthly charges on payments. So, our team realized that we should have any other option to accept payment from customers.

2) What was the biggest hurdle while accepting payment from clients across the world?

One of the main hurdles our team at Resort faced is asking for the cash payment from the customers. A lot of customers keep their payment pending and at the end of the trip, they don’t have cash with them.

In fact, we were accepting only cash payment for the extra activities at our resort, but customers don’t carry cash and it creates a lot of problem between the resort team and extra activity handler.

3) How did you find about FacilePay application?

One of our customers or we can say guest from the United Stated suggested our team to make use of FacilePay application while making payments. First, our team did not give attention, but after researching and analyzing this application, our team realized the worth of this app.

Using this application, the payment accepter from our team only needs to enter the card details or scan it through their smartphone’s camera. Other than this, we only need to tap any card with PayWave/PayPass logo to back of NFC enabled device. Even, it will automatically fill the card details.

Without the need for any card reader or scanner, we are accepting the payments from customers across the world and serving them happily.

On a Concluding Note

In this cashless world, FacilePay is a great option for all small businesses and startup owners, who are dealing with daily payments. This app will replace the old and traditional way of payment, keeping up with the mobile payment.

To know more about this application and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with us through our contact us form. We will revert to you shortly.