How FacilePay App Changes the Way Taxi Driver, Darius Foroux, Accepts Payment from Riders?

Publish By: FacilePay | Publish On: Mar 07, 2019


For the past 5 years, Darius Foroux is in the taxi industry. He is running a taxi on the streets of New York City, helping people to reach from one destination to another.

Being in the taxi industry for the past 5 years, Darius was facing a problem while getting paid from the riders. As there are many riders, who don’t carry cash in their pockets or wallets, so Darius found it difficult to receive the payment.

Relying on collecting cash payments for many years, Darius started noticing that the maximum number of his riders only have debit or credit cards for payment. With losing a lot of his regular customers, Darius decided to get any card payment option.

How Darius Foroux Found About FacilePay Application?

In curiosity, he enquired with many banks, but end-up facing the mobile merchant terminal fee that was quite high for him as a taxi driver. One day, one of his riders suggested him to use FacilePay application that allows him to accept credit and debit card payments using his smartphone.

Without any conventional card reader or scanner, Darius started using FacilePay application to receive payments from his riders. Using FacilePay application is a lot easier as the user just needs a stripe account and his/her smartphone.

In fact, the credit or debit card information of customers will not be stored in the device or application. All the information directly goes to Stripe through an encrypted connection and Stripe processes the transaction.

By knowing the security of this payment method, the riders are happily making the payment of the ride using FacilePay application. Moreover, Stripe is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for the security purpose. All the credit and debit cards information of Darius’ riders is safeguarded on Stripe’s secure server.

Why Darius Found FacilePay as the Most Convenient Card Payment Method?

  • As a taxi driver, he was not able to afford high monthly charges and fees of other payment methods, but FacilePay app has the best option for him with the lowest transaction fees.
  • Using FacilePay app is a lot easier and quicker for him as he only needs to use his smartphone to accept the credit/debit card payments.
  • Darius found this app convenient because his riders do not hesitate to pay through FacilePay as the app uses a Stripe account, which is the biggest online payment platform.

Like Darius, you can also use FacilePay app for accepting card payment from your daily customers. It doesn’t matter what type of business or service you are providing, FacilePay is the perfect fit for your need.