How is FacilePay Making Transactions Easy for Australia based Indian Traditional attires & Accessories Rental Store

Publish By: FacilePay | Publish On: Aug 09, 2019


Ms. Sunita and Ms. Monica are owners of an Indian fashion rental shop based out of Australia. They are fashion experts who give Indian traditional attires and accessories on rent.

They are in the fashion business for quite some time now. They used to lease out the items and managed all the deals in cash. This process became quite cumbersome and they started using FacilePay to make transactions digital.

We had a chat with the owners about using FacilePay as their payment app. We asked them about why they changed their method and how is their experience of using this mobile phone EFTPOS app instead of cash and regular EFTPOS machines.

We were pleased to hear that they had all the nice things to share with us. Let's have a look at what they had to say.

1. Convenient Transactions

Being a fashion retailer, they deal with a lot of customers that visit their shop to have a look at attires and accessories. It is not uncommon for them when a customer had come only for window shopping but ended up renting something that caught their eye.

When such customers didn’t have cash, they couldn't make the transaction. This led to losing a lot of business. Also, regular EFTPOS machines have a monthly charge which they needed to eliminate from their expenses.

FacilePay came like the perfect alternative POS app to traditional payment methods like these. All they need to do is scan the customer’s card with a smartphone camera or by tapping it to NFC enabled device.

2. Returns and Cancellation Management

Ms. Preeti told us that they have to manage returns and security deposits on a daily basis which is quite a long and repetitive process. FacilePay being a mobile payment app made these transactions faster.

Apart from returns, they also deal with cancellations which require a cancellation charge. They also sometimes have to receive repair or replacement charges when the customers damage or lose the items.

Managing all these charges and payments with cash becomes a hassle. FacilePay charges only a minimal 1.25% per transaction fee. Apart from that, there are no hidden or monthly charges. This way all these additional payments are also managed easily.

3. Security and Time Saver

According to our clients, secure and fast transactions are very essential in all business activities. They needed a mobile wallet app that could fulfill both these requirements simultaneously.

They just needed to fill the card details into the app and collect the payment. The customer doesn't need to worry about security. FacilePay is a secure NFC payment app that doesn't store card details and thus gains customer’s trust.

Also, a card can be scanned through the app and the card details are automatically filled which saves efforts from both sides, the sender and the receiver. In fact, this e payment app claims to complete the entire process in 30 seconds.

This way, FacilePay is a smart payment option for businesses of all sizes.

Wrapping Up

FacilePay is for all vendors, merchants, business owners that need to accept daily payments via debit and credit cards. It as effective app that provides a faster, cheaper and more secure way of transactions.

Interested in making your transactions simpler and quicker? Get in touch with us by filling the contact form and we will get back to you, explaining how our FacilePay app can be useful for you while accepting payment from your customers.